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Staying grounded

In between dealing with clients from all over the world, conference calls that go beyond borders, and working together with people from a wide range of nationalities, it’s easy to forget that Justa Public Relations is based in Regensburg in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. And even though we are so internationally focused, feeling like you are part of a community in your home base is worth a lot. This is exactly why a few years back we decided to join Stadtmarketing Regensburg – a group bringing together local businesses in the vibrant historical (and surprisingly industrial) city of Regensburg.

Stadtmarketing Regensburg is an association of a wide range of small businesses to major conglomerates in and around Regensburg, from big fish such as Infineon, Continental, Osram and BMW to one-(wo)man-ventures. Its goal is to make Regensburg an even more attractive playground for science, industry and commerce. Every month it organizes a networking event called Netzwerk|Stadt, where members get the chance to take a look behind the scenes at a fellow members’ businesses. In the summer, there is a special edition of the Netzwerk|Stadt: the Summer Lounge. On this evening, the members can introduce themselves and their businesses in a fair-like setting. Having attended it in previous years, I knew this would be a great opportunity to continue to connect with the Regensburg business world.

So, despite most of our customers and partners being based elsewhere, we believe it is always important to have a strong network around you. To stay up to date, creative, and constantly moving with the times. It’s no wonder co-working spaces keep sprouting up everywhere: the interchange of new ideas is what keeps any business going. We stay connected to give you the best possible service!