Ensuring your writing is ‘Just Brilliant’ with editing and proofreading

The world is changing. Organisations – from startups and small businesses, to public-sector groups, and even major enterprises – want to retain as much control of their business and their money as possible. They all need a very good justification to bring in external resources at additional cost – especially when budgets are tight. The days of hefty agency retainers just for being at the end of a telephone are long gone!

That start-ups take this approach is clear, as they have no spare cash to splash around. But from recent conversations with charities and public sector organizations including cities, universities, applied research institutes, the act of producing content for social media or news channels is increasingly being expected from the ‘content experts’ themselves. Whether they have the time, motivation, language competence, or other required skills (this is another conversation entirely!), that means many more people are expected to take responsibility communication tasks as part of their day job.

That’s why JustaPR borrowed the ‘as-a-service’ nomenclature from the tech sector. Clients chose when, how much, and what kind of international expertise and support they require. Often you can get 80-90% of a job done in-house using your fixed resources at no additional charge than paying your team’s salaries. While this can be cost-efficient, is it effective?

JustaPR can then quickly and expertly take you up to 100% by providing access to exactly the skills you don’t currently have in-house, for example, native-English proofreading. The importance of this shouldn’t be under-estimated. While team members – even in some cases algorithms, software or automated processes – can do the lion’s share of the work to get you close to your goal, someone with the right know-how should always do the final check. This give you the reassurance that the final result is Just Brilliant! | Adequate to Purpose | No Longer Embarrassing (delete as appropriate). So if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience in-house and available when you need them, cost-effective outsourcing protects your reputation.

JustaPR takes a ‘PR-as-a-Service’ (PRaaS) approach, giving you access to as much or as little expert international communication, marcom or social media support as you need at a fair price, without having to commit to a retainer or minimum budget.

Just a press release, fine. Just a blog post, no problem. Just a native-English proofread of your business plan, investor pitch or website, when do you need it by?

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